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  • Hall Effect Measurement System

    DX-100 Hall Effect Measurement System

  • soft magnetic material coercivity measuring device

    DX-2012HC soft magnetic material coercivity measuring device

  • Fluxgate Magnetometer

    DX-330F 3D Fluxgate Magnetometer

  • Gauss Meter

    DX-180 Gauss Meter

  • Double-Yoke Double-Tuning Adjustable Air Gap Electromagnet

    DXSB Double-Yoke Double-Tuning Adjustable Air Gap Electromagnet

  • 3 Axis Helmholtz Coils

    3 Axis Helmholtz Coils


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    Electromagnet basic knowledge introduction and the series of performance comparison

    Electromagnet definition and how it works: coil magnetic permeability of attraction or repulsion of electrical parts and foreign do mechanical work device called electromagnet, which USES electromagnetic induction principle converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, can be directly implement linear movement, rotation, swing and complex movement of straight line and rotate, in industrial automation is quite popular today, electromagnet has been widely used in all kinds of automatic device

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    Types, characteristics and application scope of soft magnetic materials

    Soft magnetic materials refer to those materials where magnetization occurs at HC not greater than 1000A/m, and such materials are called soft magnets. Typical soft magnetic materials can achieve maximum magnetization with minimum external magnetic field. Soft magneticmaterial A magneticmaterial with low coercivity and high permeability.

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    How to select helmholtz coil magnetic field, solenoid coil magnetic field and electromagnet

    At present, the commonly used type of magnetic field generator, generally have fixed magnetic field, Helmholtz coil, spiral pipe coil, and electromagnetic field generator. Fixed magnetic field, standard magnetic field is composed of a plurality of permanent magnets, through the magnetic field loop, to produce a constant magnetic field in the gap, the magnetic field size is generally hundreds of gauss and thousands of gauss, can be used for gauss meter calibration.

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    Gauss meter - Tesla meter application field

    Electricity and magnetism are phenomena that exist in nature all the time, such as lightning and magnets. Humans have known for a long time that they can use electricity and magnetism to improve and enrich their lives. In addition to the electromagnetic field of natural existence, people developed a lot of electrical appliances for the convenience of the life, such as the household appliances such as commonly used mobile phone, TV, hair dryer, induction cooker, microwave oven, computer, air cond

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    How to choose the magnetizing machine correctly?

    On the premise of confirming the target magnetizing material and magnetizing way, it is necessary to choose the appropriate magnetizing machine and matching magnetizing fixture. When the same magnetizing effect, the lower the magnetizing voltage and the magnetizing capacity, the higher the cost performance. At the same time, the appropriate discharge energy matches the appropriate magnetizing/demagnetizing fixture, which can extend the service life under the condition of ensuring efficient work.

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