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About Dexinmag

         Dexinmag owns a group of experienced in magnetometers and machinery and magnet industry technicians and managers, Our main products: digital teslameter/gaussmeter, fluxmeter, magnetic field tracer, Hall effect measurement system,Vibrational sample magnetometer,DC hysterigraph, AC hyserigraph test system, 3D measuring meter of the distribution of the magnetic fields. Also, we manufacture demagnetizer ,magnetizer,,magnetizing coils and magnetizing fixtures.

         We recognized the need to combine strengths in the field of magnetic measurement to improve our ability to respond to changes in the market, and to provide better service and technical support to our worldwide customers.We continuing investment in modern manufacturing equipment and the development of new technologies is based upon understanding our customers' needs and providing solutions.In addition, through strategic relationships with original equipment manufacturers around the world, we are now in the enviable position where we gain double benefit - from the growth in their markets and from the increase in the electronic content of end products.