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The principle and application of fluxgate meter are introduced

A magnetometer is a device that measures magnetic field or magnetic dipole moment. Different types of magnetometers measure the direction, strength, or relative change of a magnetic field at a particular location. A compass is one such device, one that measures the direction of an ambient magnetic field, in this case, the Earth's magnetic field. Other magnetometers measure the magnetic dipole moment of a magnetic material such as a ferromagnet, for example by recording the effect of this magnetic dipole on the induced current in a coil.


What is a fluxgate meter

A flux-gate sensor and using flux-gate sensor as magnetic azimuth sensor of geomagnetic measurement components, including two mutually orthogonal placed with annular magnetic core and rectangular probe, two pieces of sensor circuit board PCB, supporting tube and fasteners, input and output connectors, by supporting tube and fasteners in a parallel between the two pieces of the sensor circuit board installed a probe, One end of the two sensor circuit boards is vertically welded to the other probe printed board by tin welding, and the other end of the two sensor circuit boards is connected by welding a single row of pins. The utility model removes the structure frame dedicated for installing the probe, and the sensor circuit board and the probe printed board are mutual support parts. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, reliable connection, small volume, light weight, convenient installation and use, and is especially suitable for the occasions where the sensor performance and volume and weight have high requirements.

Fluxgate meter measurement principle?

digital fluxgate magnetometer phenomenon is the transformation of transformer effect and also obeys Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. The principle can be explained from the simplest single core fluxgate probe: for example, the excitation coil and induction coil are wound on an iron core, the iron core is made of soft magnetic material, its cross-sectional area is S, the permeability is μ, and the excitation magnetic field strength established on the core by the current-carrying excitation coil is H. However, due to the nonlinearity of the magnetization curve of the core, the change of the instantaneous value of the exciting magnetic field will inevitably lead to the change of the permeability generation. As long as the permeability generation of the core changes with the intensity of the exciting magnetic field, there will be even harmonic increment in the induced potential that changes with the strength of the environmental magnetic field. When the core is in the state of supersaturation, The magnitude and phase of the even harmonics especially the second harmonics reflect the intensity and direction of the DC magnetic field respectively.

How to select a fluxgate meter?

(1) Clear range of target magnetic field, fluxgate is suitable for magnetic field less than 1 or 10G, compared with Gauss meter has high and excellent temperature stability, temperature drift;

(2) Minimum resolution: 1nT or 0.1nT;

(3) single component or three component display magnetic field;

(4) Measurement frequency range: AC/DC selection, fluxgate is generally suitable for DC conditions, individual up to 1KHZ;

(5) Choose a reasonable price.

What is a fluxgate magnetometer used for?

● Measure the environmental magnetic field

● Monitor air parcels

● Calibration laboratory magnetic field source, such as: Helmholtz coil, solenoid, etc

● Detect weak magnetic fields in rocks

● Measure the earth's vector magnetic field

● Detect the attenuation characteristics of magnetic field shielding

● Evaluate the effect of magnetic shielding

How does a fluxgate compass work?

Fluxgate magnetic sensor is a kind of sensor which uses the nonlinear relationship between the magnetic induction strength and the magnetic field strength of the high magnetic conductivity core in the measured magnetic field under the saturation excitation of alternating magnetic field to measure the weak magnetic field. Compared with other types of magnetic measuring instruments, fluxgate magnetic field sensor has the characteristics of high resolution, wide range of weak magnetic field measurement, reliability, simplicity, economy, durability, can directly measure the component of magnetic field and is suitable for use in fast motion system.

What is a fluxgate current sensor?

Fluxgate sensor is a kind of magnetic measurement device with good comprehensive performance, which has been widely used in geomagnetic research, space magnetic field detection, aerospace, micro-satellite, micro-UAV and other fields.

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