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How to choose the magnetizing machine correctly?

            On the premise of confirming the target magnetizing material and magnetizing way, it is necessary to choose the appropriate magnetizing machine and matching magnetizing fixture. When the same magnetizing effect, the lower the magnetizing voltage and the magnetizing capacity, the higher the cost performance. At the same time, the appropriate discharge energy matches the appropriate magnetizing/demagnetizing fixture, which can extend the service life under the condition of ensuring efficient work.
            Therefore, in the purchase of magnetizing power supply and fixture design, it is necessary to decide according to the specific situation of magnetic materials to choose what specifications and performance of magnetizing equipment. The main parameters that must be referred to are as follows:
1. Magnet materials (magnetic materials manufacturers can provide relevant data)
2. Magnet size and shape
3. Whether there are special requirements for the magnetic field or magnetic flux waveform
4. Is the magnet discrete or assembled
5. The number
6. Saturation or quantitative magnetization
7. Production conditions and nature, whether used for assembly line and production efficiency

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