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    3 Axis Helmholtz Coils

Classification of hysteresis loops

 Hysteresis loops can generally be classified into the following types:

   (1)Normal hysteresis loop. This is the loop shape of most magnetic materials and the origin is symmetric, or S-shaped loop.

        (2)Rectangular hysteresis loop refers to the Br/Bm>0.8 hysteresis loop, which can generally be obtained by heat treatment or stress treatment of the material.

      (3)Degraded hysteresis loops. If a material after magnetic field heat treatment or stress treatment obtains a rectangular hysteresis loop in a certain direction, if it is magnetized in its vertical direction, it usually obtains a hysteresis loop close to a straight line, Br/Bs<0.2

   (4)Wasp waist hysteresis loop. In a few magnetic materials, such as some cobalt-containing ferrites and Perminvar alloys, the hysteresis loops at moderate magnetic field strengths exhibit a special shape, with a significantly reduced B value near Br, like a wasp-waist.

   (5)Asymmetric hysteresis loops. The first four are called symmetric loops (HC = HC). However, for materials containing both ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic components (such as cobalt oxide layer on the surface of powdered cobalt), or ferrite after heat treatment in a constant magnetic field, the hysteresis loops are often asymmetrical, that is, HC ≠ HC.

   (6)Saturated hysteresis loop. When the magnetization field is large enough to reach the saturation state, the normal hysteresis loop thus obtained is called the saturation hysteresis loop. The HC and BR sizes are usually defined in this state.

 software hysteresis loop test interface


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