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Hall Effect System

            The system is composed of electromagnet, electromagnet power supply, high-precision constant-current source, high-precision voltmeter, Hall effect sample bracket, standard sample, high-low temperature Dewar, temperature controller and system software.

            It can be used to measure the carrier concentration, mobility, resistivity, Hall coefficient and other important parameters of semiconductor materials. The experimental results are calculated automatically by software. Bulk Carrier Concentration, Sheet Carrier Concentration, Mobility, Resistivity and Hall coefficient can be obtained simultaneously Coefficient, Magnetoresistance, etc.

Hall effect magnetic field generation system

· Magnetic field strength: 1T@30mm
· Pole diameter φ : 100mm
· Pole head diameter φ : 60mm
· Adjustable range: 0 ~ 100mm
· Coil internal resistance: 10.0 ω
· Magnetic field stability: ± 0.3gs (within 24h)
· Weight: 180Kg

Hall effect magnetic field test section

· Range: ± 0.1gs ~ ±30kGs
· Resolution: 0.1gs
· Accuracy: ±0.3%±0.05% range of reading
· The thickness and length of the magnetic sensor are 1.0mm and 100mm respectively
· Human-computer interaction: Bright widescreen HD LCD screen, 4¾ bit display, standard 9-pin "D" RS232 connector
· Automation: complete computer commands can monitor and control the ambient temperature range of magnetic field around test samples in real time through data communication on the computer interface: -45 degrees ~125 degrees, temperature control accuracy ±0.1 degrees

Hall effect test system magnetic field control DC power supply

· Power: 1KW
· Accuracy: 0.2%
· Output current/voltage: ±10A/100V
· Resolution: 0.1mA
· Rated load: ≥2 ω
· Interior use design. Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃;
· Humidity: 10% ~ 85% RH

Hall effect test system sample constant current source

· Current output basic resolution 0.0001uA, voltage measurement basic resolution 0.0001mV
· Output range: 50.00 Na-50.00 mA The middle can be continuously adjustable by 0.1nA step
· Measuring voltage: 0 ~ ±3V Large range test voltage to meet the high resistance chip test
· Built-in four-phase array card with automatic transformation can realize automatic measurement of Hall effect Vanderbilt method
· Good human-computer interaction interface, convenient for users to manually adjust
· Complete instructions of the upper computer can communicate with the computer to complete various operations

High and low temperature thermostat

· Temperature test range of liquid nitrogen thermostat: 80K ~ 500K (measurement rate up to 20 times/second)
· Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.1K in full range (PT100 platinum resistance)
· Temperature measurement method: four-lead resistance method
· Vacuum degree: the interior of the chamber can be kept less than 0.1Pa after closing the valve
· Connector: standard DP14-pin plug, including four cores for temperature sensor, two cores for heater, and the remaining eight cores for users to connect from thermostat to measuring instrument, which can be defined by themselves.

Hall effect test system temperature controller

· Temperature range of measurement and control: 1.4K -- 450K (specific range depends on the type of thermometer used)
· Temperature control error: less than 0.05%F.S ±1 word (automatic compensation for temperature drift and time drift)
· Resolution: 1/60000
· Heating power output: zero crossing off bit type adjustment, 0-- 24V, maximum 2A filter DC output
· Can provide two PID temperature control, the maximum output power is 100W

Hall effect testing system host computer software

· One-click automatic measurement can be realized, and measurement can be carried out without personnel operation after the detection starts.
· Automatic temperature measurement can be carried out by setting in the software.
· The i-V curve, B-V curve and the curve of measured semiconductor parameters for temperature T can be carried out in the software
· Modular design in the software for the convenience of customers and the development of related functions 5. After the measurement of experimental results is completed, the data will be temporarily saved in the software. If long-term storage is required, the data can be exported to EXCEL for the convenience of later data processing

Hall effect test system and other supporting devices

· Standard 600mm*600mm*1000mm (L * W * H) box-type cabinet with built-in 6-core insert bar. The quantity and power meet the simultaneous use requirements of the power supply of each instrument
· FX-8 mechanical vacuum pump for standard interface, speed up to 3L/S
· Thermostat fixing device, with slide rails to realize the movement of the sample driven by the thermostat.
· Magnetic field sensor probe fixing device: all aluminum non-conductor support 5-70mm adjustable
· Temperature measurement and control connection line fixing device
· Tools for making ohm contact solder joints on samples: soldering iron, indium sheet, solder, enamelled wire, etc

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