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Design of 3d Helmholtz coil magnetic field generation system

Magnetic field generating device
The magnetic field generating device consists of a 3HLY20-200 3D Helmholtz coil and three RD series DC excitation power sources. Each axis group of 3d Helmholtz coil consists of two parallel circular coils with the same equivalent diameter, and each axis group is orthogonal to each other. The coil is made of non-magnetic high-strength aluminum alloy as the main frame, and other connecting parts are made of non-magnetic materials such as POM, PMMA and pure copper. The two coils of each axis coil group are connected in series and finally connected to the corresponding power supply. The magnetic field intensity of each axis is changed By controlling the output current of the power supply, so as to generate magnetic field components Bx, By and Bz in the corresponding direction.

Control device
The control device includes upper computer software. PC through serial communication software and three sets of high-precision dc excitation source, can be set up through the control instruction Taiwan power output current value, the use of the characteristics of the coil magnetic field has a linear relation with the current, can be controlled by PC power supply form a magnetic field is set open circuit control, accurate control coil internal magnetic field intensity and the resultant magnetic field direction.

· The coil is a circular nested structure with higher structural strength;
· 3d magnetic field can be generated, and 3d magnetic field components Bx, By and Bz are independently controllable;
· Aluminum alloy frame, surface oxidized, coil made of oxygen-free copper enameled wire;

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