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Helmholtz coil definition and application

Helmholtz coil definition

If you have a pair of identical, parallel and coaxial current-carrying circular coils, and the current is flowing in the same direction, the total field coils of the two carriers are uniform over a large area near the midpoint of the axis when the coil spacing is equal to the coil radius. Therefore, it has great practical value in production and scientific research, and is often used as the measurement standard of weak magnetic field. This pair of coils is called Helmholtz coils. Named after The German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz.
A typical uniaxial Helmholtz coil consists of two coils with the same number of turns, the same winding method, and a radius equal to the coil pitch. The Helmholtz coil can generate a static DC or AC magnetic field depending on the application. Helmholtz coils are typically used to generate magnetic fields with relatively large specified volumes and relatively weak magnetic field values with high uniformity.

Magnetic field of helmholtz coil

Helmholtz coils are a pair of identical circular coils parallel to each other. The distance between the two coils is equal to the coil radius, and the winding method makes the current flowing through the two coils the same direction. This winding method creates a uniform magnetic field between the two coils, the main component of which is parallel to the axes of the two coils.
The uniform area of the Helmholtz coil is large, wide and easy to operate. It can realize one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional combined magnetic fields, and can provide ac and DC magnetic fields. The current has a good linear relationship with the magnetic field.

Helmholtz coil applications

Suitable for all kinds of scientific research institutes, universities and enterprises to carry out magnetic materials or testing experiments, suitable for materials, electronics, biology, medicine, aerospace, chemistry, applied physics and other disciplines. Its main purpose is to generate a standard magnetic field; Cancellation and compensation, geomagnetic environment simulation, determination of magnetic shielding effect, electromagnetic interference simulation experiment, hall probe and calibration of various magnetometers, biological magnetic field research and magnetic properties of materials.
Applications of helmholtz coils include eliminating the Earth's magnetic field, generating magnetic fields for experiments, and applications requiring such fields. Depending on the field of application, the resulting Helmholtz field can be a static field, a dc field that varies over time, or an AC field.

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