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Introduction digital Gauss meter based on Hall effect principle

Since the coulomb in 1785 found that the charge and the polarity between inter-atomic forces, and put forward the coulomb's law and magnetic coulomb's law, has opened the prologue of the history of magnetic measurement, after a long time, at present, the general international magnetic measurement method is varied, tell from the principle of magnetic measurement, scientists have come up with a lot of interesting magnetic measurement methods, such as: Magnetic effect method, electromagnetic induction method, Hall effect method, magnetoresistance effect method, fluxgate method, Josephson effect method (superconducting quantum interferometer), magneto-optical effect method, magnetic resonance method (Zeeman effect principle), etc. So many measurement principles are being applied to all walks of life in our world, and have greatly promoted social progress and human health.


And along with the advance of industrial civilization, people in-depth research on magnetic field and magnetic materials, especially electronic science and technology progress, based on the electromagnetic induction method, hall effect, magnetoresistance effect and magnetic flux gate of the principle of magnetic measurement instrument has become a material industry, strong magnetic measurement, mineral mining, the mainstream of the geomagnetic field and application. In terms of the gauss meter commonly used at present, the instrument designed by hall effect method, magnetoresistance effect method and fluxgate method is already an economical and stable design scheme.

Digital Gauss meter is designed using the principle of Hall effect method, equipped with high sensitivity, low drift hall sensor, using more advanced digital signal processing technology, small size, light weight, low power consumption. Next, we will briefly introduce the basic principle of Hall effect, as shown in the figure below: When current is perpendicular to the magnetic field through the semiconductor, deflect current-carrying electrons, perpendicular to the current and the direction of the magnetic field can produce an additional electric field, which in the semiconductor at both ends of the electric potential difference, this phenomenon is called the hall effect, the advantage of the weak electric potential difference, we will signal is linear amplification processing, again after complex calculations, which is used in the magnetic induction intensity measurement.

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