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DX-2012RD space magnetic field distribution measuring instrument

The DX-2012RD magnetic field distribution measuring instrument can accurately test the spatial magnetic field distribution, and provide XY coordinates, P polar coordinates, 3D magnetic field distribution and harmonic analysis of relative fundamental waves. It satisfies the quality inspection of permanent magnets, permanent magnet motor stators or rotors, DC magnetic field coils, and electromagnet.

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DX-2012RD space magnetic field distribution measuring instrument

DX-2012RD series surface magnetic field distribution measuring instrument is a self-developed surface magnetic field distribution measuring instrument which combines the actual needs of multi pole magnetic ring manufacturers and motor enterprise users, carefully designs the test platform and precisely controls the motor operation.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous progress of science and technology, people not only have the demand for magnetic field detection and analysis of circular magnetic materials, but also put forward more requirements and indicators for the inspection of various shapes of materials and even space magnetic field. Driven by the existing economy and technology, our company has developed the fourth representative magnetic measurement product DX-2012RDD spatial magnetic field distribution measurement instrument according to the market requirements.

The equipment can be equipped with a variety of testing tools (such as three-dimensional testing probe, rotating platform or carrier platform). The high concentricity design and high precision level of probe return are the guarantee of the quality of the equipment; the comprehensive performance of the product reaches the international advanced level. At present, the scanning space of the company's commercial products is 800mm * 800mm * 800mm.

Hardware features:

1.three axis electric control mobile platform, aluminum alloy material processing, external dimensions can be customized;

2.the driving return accuracy of stepping motor can reach ± 0.01mm, and the step resolution can reach 0.01mm;

3.the concentricity of Taiwan three jaw chuck is better than 0.05mm,

4.resolution of rotation angle: 0.01 °, return uncertainty: ± 0.005 °;

5.test speed 30-60 s / week (locked);

6.Data acquisition is divided into seven automatic ranges of 0.2k/0.4k/1k/2k/4k/10k/20kgs;

7.accuracy 1.0%, repeatability 0.3%;

8.the resolution corresponds to 1.0% of the full range of each gear (under 400gs, 0.1gs is effective);

9.equipped with a standard magnetic field, the magnetic field is 1000gs ± 5GS, and 10.the calibration accuracy is 0.5%, which is used for magnetic field calibration.

Software features:

1. Based on the software package of Windows XP / win7, scan and detect the field strength of the magnetized body;

2. The software can control three linear motions and one rotary motion;

3. The operator selects the area and step to be scanned;

4. Starting system has self mechanical zero adjustment function;

5. It can automatically move to the set test point function and conduct continuous test according to the set test step mode;

6. After the test, it can automatically return to the stop point for sample replacement.

7. Others: supporting software DX-2012MDT magnetic field distribution measurement software.




  2. Automatic measurement function of peak value, minimum value and average value of each pole magnetic field;

  3. Automatic measurement function of maximum, minimum and average pole width;

  4. Automatic measurement function of each pole area and half height and width

  5. Automatic zero searching function of rotating magnetic field;

  6. Automatic output polar diagram function;

  7. Automatic output corresponding fundamental harmonic analysis function

  8. Display function of three-dimensional magnetic field distribution of combined test points for the same sample

  9. Storage function of polar angle, peak value and area list;

  10. Magnetic field distribution map corresponding to the length of magnetic field B and X / Y / Z;

  11. Magnetic field distribution map corresponding to magnetic field B and plane.

  12. It can send color test report directly through e-mail, which is very fast;

  13. Test data can be output to excel for analysis of test results.

Standard configuration


Note: The above standard configuration is for reference only, and the actual product list is subject to the contract.


Optional configuration


Travel and measurement range (standard)

Technical parameters of driving shaft of stepping motor


Probe technical parameters


Instrument parameters (standard configuration)

Performance parameters of stepper motor driver


Performance parameters of precision electric rotating platform


Measuring principle

The measurement principle and structure diagram of DX-2012RD series surface magnetic field distribution measuring instrument take DX-2012RD as an example, as shown in the figure:


DX-2012RD spatial magnetic field distribution measuring instrument is mainly composed of industrial control computer (measuring software), motion control system and data acquisition system. First, send test command through industrial control computer, control the motion control system to complete the set motion track, and simultaneously control the work of data acquisition system. The data acquisition system collects data in X, y and Z directions through Hall sensor, Then the data is transmitted to the industrial computer for data processing, and finally the three-dimensional magnetic field distribution map is obtained.

Compared with DX-2012RD, DX-2012RA multipolar magnetic ring meter has no X, y, Z three-axis control system, three-dimensional Gauss meter and one-dimensional test probe

Compared with DX-2012RD, the measurement principle and structure diagram of DX-2012RB gantry type magnetometer are basically the same, except that the three-dimensional Gauss meter is not equipped, and the one-dimensional test probe is used.

Compared with DX-2012RD, the measuring principle and structure diagram of DX-2012RC cabinet type meter magnetic distribution measuring instrument are basically the same, except that the three-dimensional Gauss meter is not equipped, and the one-dimensional test probe is used.

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