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DX-2012SA soft magnetic material AC measuring device

The DX-2012SA soft magnetic AC measuring device can be used for accurate measurement of closed-circuit samples of soft magnetic materials such as soft ferrite, permalloy, amorphous and nanocrystalline. Automatic measurement of AC hysteresis loop, magnetization curve and loss curve of soft magnetic material under dynamic (AC) conditions. Accurate measurement of remanence Br, coercivity Hc, etc..

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DX-2012SA soft magnetic material AC measuring device

Under continuous frequency of 1 kHz to 500 kHz, automatic measurement of magnetic hysteresis loop of the soft magnetic materials such as silicon steel, precision alloy, non-crystal and ferrite, accurate measurement on the dynamic magnetic characteristic parameters such as amplitude permeability µa, loss angle d, loss iron Pc, remanence Br and coercivity Hc.

Windows measurement software applied simply. It conforms to China National Standards GB 5026-85, GB 3658-90, GB/T 9632.1-2002, GB/T 19346-2003, industry standard SJ/T 10281-91 and international standard IEC 60367-1, IEC 60404-6.

The controlling of computer and A/D sampling replace the traditional analog bridge, frequency meter, ammeter, voltage meter, power meter, the whole testing process is automatic completed.

General Features of AC Hysteresis Graph (DX-2012SA)

  1. Testing sample varieties: soft magnetic ferrite, permalloy, amorphous, amorphous and nm crystal.

  2. Test sample shapes: annular, E and U shapes.

  3. Test samples with closed magnetic circuit can be directly winded and measured on samples. Sample, magnetizing coil (N1) and measuring coil (N2) form a no-load transformer.

  4. Non-inductive resistance connected on magnetizing coil loop to determine magnetizing current and magnetic field intensity through the measurement of pressure drop on non inductive resistance, magnetic field peak value can be locked through digital feedback, magnetic field lock precision 0.5%.

  5. Magnetic induction obtained through digital integration of coil measuring voltage, magnetic induction peak value locked through digital feedback, magnetic induction lock precision 0.5%.

  6. Power source and sampling amplifier integrated into a casing with simple interface: one RS232 interface connected to the computer, two way voltage alarm connected to high speed A/D card.

  7. Different power sources can be selected according to different test requirements: 1kHz ~ 300kHz or 500kHz, 5kHz or 10kHz ~ 100kHz, or other frequency ranges customized.

  8. Measuring dynamic hysteresis loop through volammetry and digital integration can accurately measure dynamic magnetic characteristic parameters such as µa, d, Pc, Br and Hc, and calculate µ', µ'', µL, µR, Q and AL, etc.

  9. Automatic and continuous measurement up to 255 testing points, the testing time of every testing point is about12 seconds, fixed-frequency or fixed Bm optional in multipoint test.

Software Features of AC Hysteresis Graph (DX-2012SA)

Operate under Windows 95 / 98, Windows 2000 / XP operating systems, conform to Windows software specification, visual and simple operation.

Full automatic control, intelligent identification, user intervention unnecessary in entire testing process.

Sampling waveform and instrument status under real-time monitoring, and can be stopped at any time.

The effective sectional area and length of magnetic path of samples can be calculated according to the overall dimension of samples.

File system adopts database format, can directly print or output test result to Excel form.

Powerful file management functions: data saving, deletionb and removal.

Data files contain complete sampled data, sample parameters, instrument parameters and testing schemes, adopt text format, can be conveniently typed into other software.

Display I (t), U (t) and B (t) sampling waveform and B (H) hysteresis loop, and coordinate message at every data point on the curve.

Multipoint cluster, can display B (H) magnetic hysteresis cycle cluster, B (H) magnetization curve, µa (H) permeability curve, µa (F) permeability curve, Ps (B) damage curve and Ps (F) damage curve, and can display coordinate message at every data point on the curve.

B (H) magnetization curve, µa (F) permeability curve, Ps (B) damage curve and Ps (F) damage curve measured under different conditions can be combined on one drawing for comparative analysis.

Set up upper and lower limits according to µa, Ps, Bm, Br, Hc and Hm, etc., qualify test result and determine through the color of data table.

Support various models of printers, test report accurately match printer sheet.

Print preview function, can conveniently regulate the size and edge distance of test report.

Test report can be directly printed, or generate JPG image file.

JPG image file can be sent directly through E-mail, or saved into disk.

Test reports contain complete curve diagrams, test results, test conditions and sample parameters. To facilitate adding user mark and enterprise name.

Multiple unit systems optional to satisfy the application habits of different users.

Software Screen of AC Hysteresis Graph (DX-2012SA)

Sampled waveform (U-I-B)


BH hysteresis loop cluster


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