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Zero Magnetic Shielding Magnetic Field Generating System

The zero-magnetic shielding magnetic field generation system solves the problem that the three-dimensional Helmholtz geomagnetic compensation coil cannot shield the real-time fluctuations of the geomagnetism when the geomagnetic field is shielded.

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Zero Magnetic Shielding Magnetic Field Generating System

The zero-magnetic shielding magnetic field generation system solves the problem that the three-dimensional Helmholtz geomagnetic compensation coil cannot shield the real-time fluctuations of the geomagnetism when the geomagnetic field is shielded.

The magnetic field shielding effect can reach a higher level (less than 1nT). With a high-precision fluxgate, high-precision  linear power supply and three-dimensional equal-diameter Helm-holtz coil, it can reach a magnetic field of (0-100000nT) in the range.The three-component X,Y,Z magnetic field generation can be accurate to 0.1nT, or even 1pT, and the     adjustment step can also be accurate to 0.1nT(smaller magnetic field can reach 1pT).lt makes the production and experiment of products in many fields such as scientific research, military industry, medical treatment very meaningful and has been widely used.


We can develop and design a larger zero magnetic field environment for you according to the needs of users, so that you can carry out your non-magnetic experiment project with a large enough zero field environment. In addition to the standard permalloy, we can also produce a variety of amorphous soft magnetic materials, nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials. A sample test can be added to the zero magnetic cavity or a coil can be added to generate a magnetic field to test the physical effect of the test object.

System Composition:

The shielding tube provides a zero magnetic environment and reduces external magnetic interference.

3 layers of the shielding layer can achieve a shielding effect of remanence 10nT, and magnetic field fluctuations can reach 20pT. 5 layers can achieve a shielding effect of 1nT, and magnetic field fluctuations can reach 10pT .

The magnetic field generator consists of a set of three-dimensional Helmholtz coils and three matched high-precision power supplies. The Helmholtz coils are used to generate the uniform magnetic field required for the experiment. The three power supplies can control X\Y\Z three The magnitude of the magnetic field in each direction. A high-precision fluxgate probe is placed at the center of the coil as a feedback test for magnetic field adjustment. The feedback signal is calculated by the host computer to adjust the current value output by the high-precision power supply, so as to accurately shield the geomagnetism and generate the required magnetic field.

Indicators of System Performance 


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Main Products
  • DX-2012HC Soft Magnetic Material Coercivity Measuring Device

    DX 2012HC soft magnetic material coercivity measuring device is mainly used for rapid measurement of soft materials including: pure iron and carbon steel, soft ferrite, magnetic powder and other regular and irregular open circuit samples, and the test method is reliable.

  • DX-100 Hall Effect Measurement System

    DX 100 Hall effect test system can be divided into normal temperature, high temperature, low temperature, high and low temperature Hall effect test system; It is used to measure the carrier concentration, mobility, resistivity, Hall coefficient, etc. of semiconductor materials; It is an essential tool for studying the electrical properties of semiconductor materials.

  • DX-9000 Series Vibration Sample Magnetometer

    DX-9000 series vibrating sample magnetometer is a kind of magnetometer developed by Xiamen Dexing Magnet Tech. Co., Ltd. The main research and development of the magnetic material measurement system is a new generation of products based on the electromagnet platform.

  •  DX-2100AM Magnetization Angle Measurement System

    The DX 2100AM magnetization angle measurement system is connected to the independent three component fluxmeter by a three dimensional Helmholtz coil to form a hardware test part;Through a microcomputer conversion of the test data of three components, a complete magnetization angle measurement system is formed.