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DX-3000 Hall Effect Measurement System

The DX 3000 Hall Effect Test System is a fully automated test system that combines Hall effect, magnetoresistance, and I-V characteristics. The magnetic field is equipped with electromagnet or liquid-free superconducting magnet according to the user's needs. It is a powerful tool for researchers to study the electrical transport properties of samples.

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DX-3000 Hall Effect Measurement System

The electrical transport test system is one fully automated test system, which intergrates Hall effect, magnetoresistance, IV characteristics test in one machine. This system takes some problems which users often ignore, such as instrument configuration, circuit wiring (including room temperature and low-temperature wiring) into consideration, selects the Keithley electrical measuring instruments. The magnetic field can adopt electromagnet or liquid helium superconducting magnet based on user’s requirement, equipped the smart measurement sample rod, plus a special fully automated test software, allowing users to quickly and easily measure sample and obtain accurate and reliable data. Addition, there are a variety of low-temperature options, and can transform according to the user's existing instrumentation and the special requirements of the software. DX3000 series hall effect measurement system is a powerful tool for the resaearch of materials’ electrical transport properties.

Basic configuration:

U.S. Keithley instrumentation


Magnetic part


Low temperature portion (optional)


Main features:

  • Using plug-sample cards, easy to install;

  • One standard configuration can simultaneously measure two samples, 4 samples can be measured simultaneously  by adding optional devices;

  • Resistance measurement range: 0.1mΩ~100GΩ(High voltage and impedance system);

  • Different Hall effect and resistance measurements under different current and magnetic field;

  • Testing and calculation process performed automatically by the software, which gives the intermediate data and the curve at the same time.It will save you a lot of time;

  • System provides high stability of the magnetic field for a long time,zero magnetic field can be smoothed;

  • Electromagnet power supplybuilt in precision Gauss Meter, high field control speed;

  • Choosing low-temperature device,Hall effect and resistance measurements can be performed at different temperatures.

Testable material:

  1. Semiconductor materials: SiGe, SiC, InAs, InGaAs, InP, AlGaAs, HgCdTe and Ferrite materials, etc.

  2. Low impedance material: metal, transparent oxide, weak magnetic semiconductor materials, TMR materials, etc.

  3. High impedance material: semi-insulating GaAs, GaN, CdTe,etc.

Basic function:

  1. Measurement of Hall Effect, magnetic resistance, curves of I-V and R-T .

  2. Parameters to be measured: Hall Effect- sheet resistance, resistivity, Hall coefficient, conductivity type, Hall mobility, carrier concentration;

  3. Magnetic resistance effect: R, △R, (△R/R)%, (△R/R0)%

  4. I-V curve: I-V curves at different temperature and magnetic field.

  5. R-T curve: Under fixed magnetic field, the curves for resistance changes at different temperature.

  6. R-H curve: Under fixed temperature, the curves for resistance changes at different magnetic field.

Main technical indexes:

  • Sample size

  1. Small size sample card: 12*12 mm2 

  2. Large size sample card: 50*50 mm2

  3. Probe sample card: 1×1mm2~30×30mm2

  • Sample measurement method

  1. Hall effect samples: Si, GaAs, ect.

  2. Resistance and I-V samples: 4 wire or 6 wire method

  • Magnetic field environment


  • Temperature environment (optional)

  1. No liquid helium superconducting magnet system, 1.6K~325K;

  2. Liquid nitrogen thermostat options:
    Standard liquid nitrogen thermostat, 80K~325K;
    High temperature liquid nitregen thermostat, 80K~500K;

  3. Cycle refrigerator options:
    Standard 4K refrigerator system, 4K~325K;
    High temperature 4K refrigerator, 4K~700K;
    Standard 10K refrigerator system, 10K~325K;
    High temperature 10K refrigerator, 10K~800K;
    Minisize refrigerator system, 45K~325K;

  • Electrical properties

Under the following typical test conditions:

  • Sample power consumption less than 1mV, under this condition, let excitation reach the maximum recommended current and voltage in system configuration;

  • Sample temperature 295K;

  • Sample seat without leak current;

  • The reistance of each test lead 25Ω;

  • Voltage usage effectiveness of measurement electrical resistivity (V_out/V_in) should be 0.1 approx. for Vanderbit sample and should be 0.5 approx. for hall sample;

  • Sample shape correction factor 1;

  • Magnetic field and sample thickness measurement uncertainty should be within 1%;

  • Magnetic field/sample thickness should be 1T/mm, note the measured maximum carrier concentration is approximately proportional to this value, so stronger magnetic field and thicker sample could improve the measurement range.


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  • DX-2012HC Soft Magnetic Material Coercivity Measuring Device DX-2012HC Soft Magnetic Material Coercivity Measuring Device

    DX 2012HC soft magnetic material coercivity measuring device is mainly used for rapid measurement of soft materials including: pure iron and carbon steel, soft ferrite, magnetic powder and other regular and irregular open circuit samples, and the test method is reliable.

  • DX-100 Hall Effect Measurement System DX-100 Hall Effect Measurement System

    DX 100 Hall effect test system can be divided into normal temperature, high temperature, low temperature, high and low temperature Hall effect test system; It is used to measure the carrier concentration, mobility, resistivity, Hall coefficient, etc. of semiconductor materials; It is an essential tool for studying the electrical properties of semiconductor materials.

  • DX-9000 Series Vibration Sample Magnetometer DX-9000 Series Vibration Sample Magnetometer

    DX-9000 series vibrating sample magnetometer is a kind of magnetometer developed by Xiamen Dexing Magnet Tech. Co., Ltd. The main research and development of the magnetic material measurement system is a new generation of products based on the electromagnet platform.

  • DX-2100AM Magnetization Angle Measurement System DX-2100AM Magnetization Angle Measurement System

    The DX 2100AM magnetization angle measurement system is connected to the independent three component fluxmeter by a three dimensional Helmholtz coil to form a hardware test part;Through a microcomputer conversion of the test data of three components, a complete magnetization angle measurement system is formed.