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How to select the fluxmeter test coil

Many customers often encounter the problem of coil selection when they choose a fluxmeter to measure magnetic materials. Because the magnetometer can only measure the magnetic flux of the magnet with the coil. The coil may be a monomer coil, a fixed B coil, or a Helmholtz coil.
1. As for the monomer coil, you can wrap it on the sample by yourself, or you can make a sleeve larger than the sample and put the sample in it and pull it out for testing.
2. With fixed B coil test, basically each sample specification should be equipped with a specification of the test coil.
3. With Helmholtz coil for testing, one Helmholtz coil can measure the sample size within a certain range (the customer needs to provide the minimum sample and the maximum sample size).
Fluxmeter with Helmholtz coil measurement is often more commonly used.
Because use fluxmeter (table) is usually used when permanent magnet "pulling method", for the magnetization of the sample with a flat coil set of flux, this method is intuitive and effective for each different specifications of the samples, but the disadvantage is that must be done by the coil in different sizes, with very thin samples strictly, detecting coil preparation difficulty is bigger, trouble and inefficient. But measuring magnetic flux with Helmholtz coil can solve the above problems to a certain extent, so it is the best method to measure magnetic flux with Helmholtz coil in a fluxmeter