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Space magnetic field distribution measurement instrument case sharing

            space magnetic field distribution measurement instrument can accurately test the space magnetic field distribution, and provides the XY coordinates, P polar coordinates, the 3 d magnetic field distribution and the relative fundamental wave testing means such as harmonic analysis, a number of indicators of magnetic products for domestic and foreign market, meet the permanent magnet, permanent magnet motor, dc field coil and magnet stator or rotor quality inspection. The following is the space magnetic field distribution measurement instrument case sharing:


一、Space magnetic field distribution measurement instrument composition description

1, Aluminum alloy frame gantry test bench: including probe electronic control adjustment mechanism, XYZ electric regulation system, etc.
2, Multi-pole magnetic field test host: including automatic range gaussian meter and stepper motor drive control center.
3, FE-2100RD space magnetic field distribution test software (plane scanning test software).
4, IPC-610L Advantech industrial computer, HP laser printer set;
5. One set of test probe (double probe switching), (one set of vulnerable devices: delivered);
6. Standard magnetic field: provide third-party inspection report (1000GS).

二、Technical parameters of space magnetic field distribution measuring instrument

1. Probe movement XYZ software control automatic dynamic adjustment, X/Y/Z corresponding stroke 1000mm/1000mm/500mm;
2, XYZ axis, mobile resolution 0.02mm, return accuracy ±0.02mm;
3, gantry structure aluminum alloy profile table body, table size: L1000mm×W1000mm×H600mm;
4, no magnetic aluminum profile structure: W1400mm×L1400mm×H1800;
5, automatic test host gauss meter range (double probe switch) : 0.2 k / 0.4 k / 1 k / 2 k / 4 k / 10 k / 20 KGS seven automatic range;
Resolution: corresponding to the full range of each range 0.2%, 400GS below, 0.1GS effective; Accuracy: corresponding to the full range of each file 1.0%;
6, magnetic field measurement repeatability is better than ±0.3%.

7. Software:
7-1. Automatic measurement of the maximum, minimum and average value of the magnetic field peak of each pole;
7-2. Automatic measuring function for maximum, minimum and average value of each pole width;
7-3, each magnetic pole area and half height and width measurement automatic measurement function;
7-4. Zero point automatic return function and elimination function of invalid data with anti-jitter;
7-5. Automatic output function of XY coordinate graph curve, XY coordinate report can be enlarged at will on the interface;
7-6. Automatic output polar graph function, polar coordinate report can be freely enlarged on the interface;
7-7. Automatic output corresponding harmonic analysis function;
7-8. For the same sample, combine the display function of three-dimensional magnetic field distribution at the test point;
7-9. Storage function for list of Angle, peak and area of each pole;
7-10. Plane magnetic field scanning to display the plane magnetic field;
7-11. Selected functions such as width, peak value and Angle of multi-pole magnetic field.