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    3 Axis Helmholtz Coils

Decryption suitable for permanent magnet material factory commonly used magnetic testing equipment

         Recently Xiaobian saw a lot of permanent magnet raw material manufacturers online have this kind of trouble: for example, some procurement often ask some questions;

      Is your material highly magnetic? How do you prove it's a strong magnetic material? How can we prove that the parameters meet our requirements? Many product data such as magnetic flux, magnetic moment, surface magnetic, remanent magnetic, coercivity, intrinsic coercivity, magnetic energy product, hysteresis loop, demagnetization curve and so on can be provided?

            Gauss meter application scope: permanent magnetic material measurement of permanent magnetic material surface magnetic measurement; Measurement of magnetic field in magnetic circuit gap; Measurement of the space magnetic field generated by a magnetic field generator;

The testing range of the flux meter is applicable: the magnetic flux of the permanent magnet is tested by a pulling coil; The magnetic moment of permanent magnet was measured by Helmholtz coil. The overall magnetic flux of the rotor and stator of the motor was measured by closed-circuit tooling

        Permanent magnet material measuring device

        2100H Permanent magnet material measuring device: it measures magnetic parameters such as remanent magnetic force Br, coercivity HCB, intrinsic coercivity HCJ and maximum magnetic energy product BHmax of permanent magnet material, and displays B&J-H hysteresis loop and demagnetization curve。

        2100MD Rare earth permanent magnet flux density experimental device: measure the flux (or magnetic moment) changes at different temperatures to obtain the irreversible flux density loss curve of rare earth permanent magnet materials. The use of the reverse magnetic field can be applied to the electromagnet, and at the same time, the diamagnetism of the material under different temperature conditions can be obtained, which can be used to examine the use range of the magnet in magnetic circuit。

        2100MQ Rare earth permanent magnet quality measurement system: measure the magnetic moment, remanence, coerced force and maximum magnetic energy product of rare earth and permanent magnet. This instrument greatly saves the time of measuring the quality data of magnetic materials and is completely suitable for the rough classification and screening of various magnetic materials。

        2100R Table magnetic distribution measurement device: multi-polar ring form magnetic distribution, linear table magnetic distribution measurement, planar magnetic distribution and space magnetic field distribution measurement table, is to realize the accurate measurement of the surface magnetic field distribution of excellent products, has become a multi-polar magnetic ring, magnets and other surface magnetic field distribution in the test equipment, quality for the motor design and provide accurate data of the magnetic field distribution, can properly assessed for magnet magnetization accuracy, has been more than well-known companies have established。