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The method of pole head embedded coil is used to analyze the nondestructive testing of permanent magnet materials



Electromagnet electrode surface embedded coil method is used to test permanent magnet materials, which is an applied technical solution designed according to the BH characteristics of the current industrial testing permanent magnet materials. Because the actual size and shape of the sample does not need to be considered during the test, there is no need to wind the magnet or insert the fixed B/J coil, only need to completely cover the tested sample on a coil embedded in the pole head, the test is convenient, good repeatability, and has a certain market prospect. Through the measurement experiment of the samples with different thickness, the samples with certain thickness are modified properly, and the samples with standard geometric size in the uniform area of the pole head are directly tested with high accuracy, which can meet the requirements of the permanent magnet ferrite production enterprises, and the test is quick and convenient. For the measurement of large samples, such as large magnetic separation blocks, large loudspeaker magnetic rings, etc., it can satisfy the accurate measurement of BR/HCJ /BHmax. HCB conversion is complicated, and there are many uncertain factors of dynamic characteristics, so there is no good method to solve it. Never escape of hunan province science and technology co., LTD., FE - 2100 - h permanent magnet automatic measuring devices in accordance with the national standard GBT 3217-2013 test method, using microcomputer control and A/D, D/A technology, automatic test magnetic field and magnetic flux, automatic zero drift and hall sensor nonlinear correction integral, can be equipped selectively according with user testing A variety of fixed B/J coil, can also according to the test needs to select flat head, shrinkage head, heating head type, tile measuring pole top different ways.

二、The design principle of nondestructive testing of permanent magnet materials by using the method of pole head embedded coil

三、A nondestructive testing method for permanent magnet materials was carried out by using the pole head embedded coil method

1. The magnet is completely in the pole head gap.
1-1. Standard method
1-2. Pole head embedded coil method

2. The magnet is completely in the pole head gap.
2-1. Standard method
2-2. Pole head embedded coil method
3. The magnet is outside the gap.
3-1. Standard method
3-2. Pole head embedded coil method


  Through the experiment, hunan wing technology co., LTD. Has the ability to accept material manufacturers design on the existing test equipment for embedded coil head test sample business, reduce labor intensity to speed up the test efficiency, enterprise of large sample test, if the device USES a double integral test method, can undertake the transformation of equipment, rapid test for product comparison (Hcb) does not ensure accuracy. New users (material production type for testing standard samples) can be recommended.