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Direct current electromagnet case sharing



            Electromagnet is a device that generates electricity to produce electromagnetic field. A conductive winding matching its power is wound around the outside of the iron core. This kind of coil with current is magnetic like a magnet. It is also called an electromagnet. We usually make it in the shape of a bar or hoof to make the core more easily magnetized. In addition, in order to make the electromagnet power immediately degaussing, we often use degaussing faster soft iron or silicon steel materials to make. Such an electromagnet has magnetism when it is energized, and the magnetism disappears when the power is turned off. Electromagnet has a very wide range of applications in our daily life, because of its invention also makes the power of the generator has been greatly improved.
Generally speaking, the magnetic field produced by an electromagnet is related to the current, the number of loops and the ferromagnet in the center. In the design of the electromagnet, will pay attention to the distribution of the coil and the choice of the ferromagnet, and use the current size to control the magnetic field.
DC electromagnet, there is no magnetic field of electromagnet can be used, it includes an iron core, armature mechanism, exciting coil (L), exciting coil (L) around the iron core.
            The direct current electromagnet comprises an iron core, an armature mechanism and a magnetic coil (L). The magnetic coil (L) is wound around the iron core. It is characterized by that the magnetic coil (L) is connected with a DC power supply (DCV) after being connected in series with a positive temperature coefficient thermistor (RT).

Adjustable range of polar air gap :0~50mm
Polar surface size 80*30mm
Maximum magnetic field bottom surface air gap :10mm
Maximum magnetic field :2T
Core center area :60*20mm
Maximum and minimum field intensity difference within the range: less than 1.5%
Overall weight :300Kg
Overall size :880*380*600

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